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The EbonstoneTower...

     "Welcome", greets the old man seemingly in his venerable years with a smile, "to the ancient library of The Vale of Lost Souls,  I am Arellon, The Sage and Master Librarian of this ancient archive;” he gestures with a hand weathered by toil and age, “feel free to browse around; you’ll never know what tales you’re likely to find.” 

        "Don’t forget to stop by and stir the Cantankerous Cauldron to see what is brewing or visit the fabled galleries of Wolfmoon Studios…"

Welcome friends, family, and occasional visitor to-

The Ebonstone Tower-  Official home of W. R. Frady

Other Haunts and Locales

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The Ebonstone Tower Graphic.jpg
Gothic Fantasy.jpg

Dharkhaven Manor

Blood Red Sunset.jpg

Whispery Hollow

The Ebonstone Tower Graphic.jpg

Ebonstone Tower



The  Living Glass Forest.jpg

The Wise Oak

The Old House.jpg

Legends of Lacy Road

Wolfmoon Studios.jpg

Wolfmoon Studios


The Cantankerous Cauldron

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