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About The Ebonstone Tower...

        The Ebonstone Tower sits brooding atop of a droll and forbidding hillock, surrounded on all sides by the ancient Forest of Faengmar.  Like a silent sentinel, its cyclopean windows peer out over the mist shrouded valley, ever vigilant; as if to bear witness to the tragic gloom that oppresses the landscape.  A pair of petrified giants lean against the ebony structure, their bodies contorted in agony as they mirror their last moments of mortality, as they forever serve as buttresses for the ancient library.  The path leading up to the tower winds beneath the extended arm of one of these stone gargantuans before veering around a copse of various shrubs to come to an abrupt end at the foot of a shadowwood door. 

        Beyond the yawning entrance lies a labyrinth of shelves stacked with tomes, scrolls, codices, and books of all shapes and sizes, illuminated by enchanted candles which sprout up to full size as they burn too low.  Seemingly lost in the middle of it sits an elderly man, hard at work behind a desk of polished calamander; the warm glow of the fireplace caressing his frail form with its radiance.  He glances up over the wire frame of his reading glasses to regard his visitor. 

        “Welcome,” he offers his greetings with a smile, “to the Ebonstone Tower, library of the Vale of Lost Souls.  I am Arellon, The Sage and Master Librarian of this ancient archive;” he gestures with a hand weathered by toil and age, “feel free to browse around; you’ll never know what tales you’re likely to find.”

        The Ebonstone Tower though set in the Vale of Lost Souls on the Continent of Loren© is not a page limited to the world of Areth and Ballidor. Rather, this is the official home for W. R. Frady. Here you will meet the Immortal Aldwedorn The Wise; hear tales from the Renarian Tale-spinners; feel the icy chill as you traverse the pseudo-Victorian streets of Whispery Hollow and the Lovelady Township; hunt Vampires and monsters with The Vampire Killers of Dharkhaven Manor, and much more.  Hopefully you’ll visit me here and come to enjoy the various tales that are available.  If you like any of the stories that I post, please let me know, I’d be happy to hear your feedback. 

Thanks for visiting,

 W. R. Frady

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