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W. R. Frady's Friday Night Frights


 Now airing twice a month on the Coach Mikki, Mel, and Friends Podcast, W. R. Frady's Friday Night Frights is available for streaming and download wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts, or visit 

Legends of Lacy Road Volume 1, Coming Soon


  If you love Ghost Stories or are familiar with the Legends of Lacy Road, then be ready. Legends of Lacy Road will soon be in written form so you can take your favorite true ghost stories from The Old House with you wherever you go. This Autumn- Just in time for the Halloween season, is the projected release for his first volume featuring, The Hand in the WindowCalled by No oneThe Dancing Specters, and more... There will even be a section of Tales for the Fireside, which are Original Ghost Stories in the Tradition of Scary StoriesTales for the Midnight HourThe Cthulhu Mythos, and Edgar Allen Poe.  

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