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Muses & Minstrels

Updated: Jan 29

Bards of Inspiration-

Twilight Force

Hello, my friends and fellow adventurers. Welcome to the Ebonspire Inn, home of the Ye Olde Wayfarer’s Adventurer’s Almanac. Here we discuss tales of old, Fantasy Roleplay, World Building, Inspiration and more. Please, come in. Grab a mug of your favorite ale and pull up a chair as we delve into the topic for this cold winter’s eve. The night is indeed cold, and the wind is howling despite the ever-present mist which plagues the Vale of Lost Souls. It is on nights like this when one truly appreciates the traveling bards and minstrels which lend their music to push back the gloom with tales of legendary heroes, treasure, and lore of old. I encountered such a band of traveling Skalds during my journeys a while back. Their tales of adventure, Dragons, Warriors, and Magic are the stuff of legend…and of inspiration. Anyone who hears these tales and heeds their passages will find themselves swept away to lands far beyond, dangers untold, and high adventure. This Bardic troupe call themselves, Twilight Force. Oh? You haven’t heard of them? Ah, some of you have. Good. Well then, let’s take a look at these roving adventurers of music and magic.

Twilight Force  Tales of Ancient Prophecy
Twilight Force- Tales of Ancient Prophecy

The legend of Twilight Force begins in a Realm of Ancient Wonder known only as the Twilight Kingdoms. It is a mystical realm rife with tales of Dragons, Wizards, Magic, and High Adventure. Ruled by ancient Dragons wise and powerful beyond mortal understanding, the shift for balance is always in flux as the dark powers vie for control of the Seven Kingdoms. The struggle to maintain this balance are chronicled in Twilight Force’s Albums, beginning with Tales of Ancient Prophecy. The adventure continues in Heroes of Mighty Magic which introduces the legend of the Crystal Bearers, heroes prophesied to stand against the darkness that threatens the Twilight Kingdoms. Dawn of the Dragonstar seems to cover histories and lore of the Twilight Kingdoms, a bit of lore about which I would like to ask of them, myself. At the Heart of Wintervale tells the story introduced in Heroes of Mighty Magic about the Last Crystal Bearer. With each new release the story unfolds revealing more lore, myth, and legend as it takes us along on the journey through these vast and ancient lands.

Twilight Force- Heroes of Mighty Magic
Twilight Force- Heroes of Mighty Magic

These tales come as great inspiration for scholars of arcane lore and fantasy lovers alike. Gamemasters can easily find inspiration for great tales of epic wonder just by listening to Twilight Force’s many adventures. Their perfect combination of symphonic power metal, medieval aesthetics, fantasy adventures, and masterful narration stimulates the imagination and acts as an auditory guide into the realms of heroic fantasy. Like here in Areth, the Twilight Kingdoms are a Realm where even the lowly wanderer can happen upon an adventure that calls them to be a hero or aid in the ever-present struggle between darkness and light. Theirs is a tale of Mythic proportions. Even listening to their music through the Elven Harmoniad, a scrying device which some call a streaming service, while setting up the night’s quest, can invoke images of epic tales in the hearts and minds of the listeners, and set the mood for conquests of Valor and Glory.

Twilight Force- Dawn of the Dragonstar
Twilight Force- Dawn of the Dragonstar

From the dawn of their first album, Tales of Ancient Prophecy, to the Forging of their latest opus, At the Heart of Wintervale, Twilight Force takes the listener on a musical adventure of epic proportions. Each Album is in and of itself a story from the opening track to the last chord. With a combined collaboration of metal, orchestra, traditional music, along with narration in to further the story where needed, the listener becomes immersed in the tales of the distant realms of the Twilight Kingdoms. This enchanted land, which is abundant with Warriors, Wizards, Elves, Dragons, and unspeakable dangers, is ancient and abounds with both history and arcane lore. These indeed bring a bit of light and warmth to a cold winter’s eve, when the darkness seems

Twilight Force- at the Heart of Wintervale
Twilight Force- At the Heart of Wintervale

mpenetrable, and the winds are howling. Well, my friends and fellow adventurers, it is getting late of hour. The fires are beginning to burn low, and the supply of ale is nearly spent once more. I do hope you find the legends of these Bards known only as the Twilight Force to be as inspirational to you and your adventures as I do. It is time for me to go. I wish you the very best on your journeys. May the road rise to meet you, and until the next time, Happy Adventuring.

W. R. Frady

Disclaimer- This is a personal review and introduction. Twilight Force is a part of Nuclear Blast Records. All statements here are those of W. R. Frady and do not represent any personal opinions or views of the band itself. All artwork, and references to their work belong to their respective companies and trademark holders. Areth, Ebonspire Inn, The Ebonstone Tower, Vale of Lost Souls, and the Elven Harmoniad are trademarks and intellectual property of W. R. Frady.

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