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The Ye Olde Wayfarer's Adventurer's Almanac

Updated: Jan 29

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

Halloween Specials-

Tales from the Dragon’s Hoard- Halloween Edition

Autumn Countryside
Art by W. R. Frady

Hear ye! Hear ye! Dear Friends, Fellow Adventurers, and Tabletop Gamers, I bid you welcome to The Ye Olde Wayfarer’s Adventurer’s Almanac. Tonight, I bear a quick announcement. Our regularly scheduled topic of discussion has been preempted until after the first of November to make room for the Halloween Festivities.

Several brave souls have ventured int the depths of Castle Corvinblicht, where they have retrieved several Relics from Baron von Radomir’s Vaults. At the risk of awakening the wrath of the ancient vampire lord. They have brought this information to us here at the Ebonstone Tower. We will not let their efforts be in vain, for we will cover these relics, and take a journey into the shadows from which these Relics are sourced.

Well, I must Go for now, as there is much to uncover before the morrow. May your journeys always lead you home, and until our next meeting, Happy Adventuring.

W. R. Frady

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