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The Ye Olde Wayfarer's Adventurer's Almanac

Updated: Jan 29

Welcome Friends-

A Brief Introduction

Welcome and well met, my friends to The Ebonspire Inn, home of The Ye Olde Wayfarer’s Adventurer’s Almanac. “What is an adventurer’s almanac,” you may ask? Well, if so, I’m glad you did. First of all, I don’t predict weather patterns, or moon

phases, nor do I have the best fishing information. What I do have is a love for fantasy, tabletop roleplaying games, board games, storytelling, and other aspects of the hobby gaming industry, as well as more than thirty years of playing and experience that I can draw upon to pass on my own insights for the hobby I love. Today I want to cover what this blog is about and its goals so we can jump right into the good stuff… but first I need to introduce myself.

I am William R. Frady, but you may later come to know me as W. R. Frady. I am a writer, artist, and actor from the foothills of western North Carolina. I began playing Dungeons & Dragons in the mid to late 80s when the only editions available were Classic D&D, AD&D,

and AD&D 2nd Edition. For me it was a golden age of fantasy with countless campaign settings, sourcebooks, miniatures, and novels aplenty. While I played often using my brother’s sourcebooks, or later making my own house rules to play, it wasn’t until 1991 that I purchased my first D&D products. These were the Ravenloft- Realm of Terror boxed set, the Player’s Handbook, Dungeon Master’s Guide, and the Monstrous Manual, formerly the Monstrous Compendium. Since then, I have played various iterations of D&D, Warhammer, Star Wars, Vampire the Masquerade, Werewolf the Apocalypse, Kult, Pathfinder, and others. My current Roleplaying System of choice is Castles & Crusades by Troll Lord Games which I have been playing since 2010.

The Ye Olde Wayfarer’s Adventurer’s Almanac is a delve into all things fantasy and roleplaying, where I can discuss my love for the hobby, be it through talking about my favorite modules, sourcebooks, rules and rules supplements, world building, character building, story hooks and ideas, inspiration from books movies and, and much more. This blog will be an adventure of its own as we travel these paths together exploring Fantasy Role

Gaming from its older days to the newer games that have recently come out. I’ll cover insight from the aspect of a player, a Game Master, and even a spectator. A quick note on this, however, is that all things I write on this will be coming from my personal perspective and does not reflect the companies or products that I discuss.

Also, the only politics discussed in this blog will be that of in game or fantasy world politics. My personal world views and beliefs will not be a part of this blog, as this shall be a safe place to come and enjoy the content I produce. So, in this I am declaring for the purpose of this blog, that I am solely Identifying as an entertainer and content creator. In a nutshell, real world politics or religious views have no place here. My only goal is to provide good, quality content for the purpose of discussing, enhancing, and adding to the community of loyal Fantasy Role-players and general fans of the hobby whether they are new to gaming or long-time veterans.

This is the first step in a long journey, I look forward to those of you I get to meet along the way. Also, I will be open for suggestions if there is a gaming module, system, rule, or topic you would like to see discussed. I would be glad to know and see if I can address it. Thank you, and once again Welcome to The Ye Olde Wayfarer’s Adventurer’s Almanac. May your adventures be memorable and your tankards full. Huzzah!

W. R. Frady

Disclaimer- All products pictured above are from my collection and are for reference only.
Dungeons & Dragons and Ravenloft are registered trademarks of Wizards of the Coast, Castles & Crusades is a registered trademark of Troll Lord Games. All other Games listed above are trademarks of their home companies as well.

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